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# 25 i saw one thing
04-03-2013, 02:32 PM
i think ill just sit n wait ya....i know i got proof so im not worried....
seriously. and i cant find anything that shows this type a issue where technically and legally by all i se and know they have been paid. There is no pay pal use here , and if its a glitch in there systems someone ought to have a look not evil man ....gee....just a trek lover who wants to have some fun and slowly build up his characters

anyhow sorry if some people get offended or upset just stating my facts an done guy i had to repeat 3 or 4 times I DID NOT USE PAYPAL....i never ant my bank linked in any shape way or fashion to the internet in that way.

i use the prepaid visa for this reason i put cash on it and then use it. Well after this i wont be using it here and form what guy said i would be descrimintated against cause of this anyhow.

ya know people should not have this happen. They should not be penalized for doing nothing wrong. ITS NOT my loss in a way its everyone's for us paying people keep the game going.

anyhow im gonna take a day off this is just becoming too much....and i don't want to get angry.