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Originally Posted by martok16 View Post
After multiple attempts and multiple fails for 3 weeks, I've come to the conclusion, that creating missions are strictly for Einsteins with a masters degree, simply because the UI is not user friendly enough, there's insufficient content, and objects can not be edited/moved within the 3D world.

The only way I can get a grasp on how the inferior UI works is to share my screen with a professional mission creator using Skype, along with Skype voice chat to walk me through from start to finish, including all the workarounds.

Online tutorials? Way out of date, and there are no actual PDF files for step-by-step instructions on creating missions, from start and ending with a fully working mission, including workarounds, with coverage on everything that can be done, and how it's done.
Missions are not impossible to create, as frankly the staggering amount in the Foundry shows, and great missions are not out of reach either, just look at Spotlight.

I myself am fairly new to Foundry but am plugging away at a couple of missions. You can no way in hell crank one out over night unless you are doing a quick shooter, but to say impossible, is wrong, and most of your comments are incorrect.

Ok yes the online tutorials are out of date but they are STILL very helpful, and valuable. I have learned a lot from them. The UI statements tho are sadly very true.

The UI is tragic. The piece of paper map placement (Which doesn't even show anything really resembling outlines of anything on the maps) is wrong, it should be 3d WYSIWYG which would make placement far easier and accurate. as it stands, it is still very primitive, lets hope the planned upgrade sorts this out.

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