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04-03-2013, 02:50 PM
Originally Posted by abaddon653 View Post
Mods there have been several necro threads popping up in recent days, I feel like I am in a zombie movie.

People if a thread is dead leave it be, just start a new one.
Why does everyone resist necro threads? It's that kind of policy that has had a big negative impact on these forums over the years. For instance, it's because a TON of relevant game play mechanics information is left buried, that people continue to think EPS Flow Regulators regenerate weapons energy during the firing cycle even though that was removed from their functionality back in June 2010.

So much quality information has been left sunken in these forums because of this strange policy to be afraid of older information and older discussions.

It boggles my mind. Everything from how Science Consoles worked, were changed, and changed again, to the hidden bonuses of Anti Proton Weapons, to cloaking bugs, to how the diplomacy system worked on DS9 to how to beat Crystaline Entity is all lost in the ether.

Why? Because the discussion is more than 30 days old?

Zombies have nothing to do with it.