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Generally I was disappointed by what Season 8 had to offer.

UI - Looks alright, the color choices are not what they are listed as (I was promised a TNG LCARS, I got beige colours instead.). There seems to be a bug with the chatbox upon entering a new map, it isn't visible until you click anywhere on the screen.

Rep system - Briefly took a look at the Nukara Prime and Events rep systems, and although it does look cool, with ground combat being as bugged as it is, I seriously doubt the usefulness of this system. The Events tab looks dreary and just something else to grind for.

PVE - I did notice this sneak peek at some kind of new event, however t seems any details about it are top secret.

PVP - Nothing much has changed, although the warp core and specific traits will have a definite effect.

Ship warp cores: Impressive, looking forward to tanking even better than I already am.

Bugs: There are bugs galore in Season 8. Be prepared for a lower quality experience than we have now.

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