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# 4 The Siege at Revor 52
04-03-2013, 03:28 PM
Captain's log:

The Gespenst and Ra Cailum are responding to a distress call from the USS Alteisen Riese, currently stationed at a small, remote research station in the Gamma Quadrant.

The message was heavily distorted, only maintaining enough integrity to garner an implication of a siege underway.

The Gespenst is 4 hours out, but the Ra Cailum has reported engine trouble, thus will be unable to assist for at least two days.

"Computer, halt recording." I spoke out to the cabin before me, followed by the familiar chime of the computer acknowledging the command.

As I pulled myself from my bunk, I thought to myself "Another day, another battle."

Trudging toward the armoury, I pondered the trouble that lay ahead: Who are my enemy? What do they field? Why do they attack? How can I fend them off?

Unwittingly, I passed by the door to the armoury, thus spun round to head back in.

"Mathis, wake up!" I barked to the lifeless armour standing before me.

"Whits up, laddie?" Mathis cheered back to me.

"You were able to support me EVA during your first deployment. Just how long can you safely function EVA?" I asked the armour's computer.

"Well, according tae my memory bank, I'm certified tae keep yeh alive fur a month." Mathis beamed in that irritatingly cheery voice.

"Thank you for the info, I'll see you in a bit." I saluted the armour before leaving the armoury, heading for the bridge.

"Captain on the bridge!" Fat Ram Dos barked, snapping to attention.

"Knock it off." I said to him, stepping over to the tactical board behind my chair. "Zazhid, Fat, get over here."

We prattled through the charts for the system, formulating tactical options for best, and worst case scenarios.

"This is not gonna end well for someone, probably me... again." I sighed to myself as I took the chair.


Log file corrupted. Continuing at next available data segment.

Tek tried to tell me something, but as usual, all that came across was a garbled mess.

"On screen." I said to him, guessing he was receiving a signal.

Tek obliged, shaking his head.

The viewscreen flickered into life, a very weak signal coming through from Cagalli.

"Station destroyed..... Doobenwulff...can't...XN..."

The viewscreen flickered back to the forward camera, a dark haze of stars streaking past at warp factor 9.9969.

"Fat! Get in the Alt! Zazhid, the Weiss... Mathis!" I called out. "Show time"


Log file corrupted. Switching to backup system.

We had barely deployed from the Gespenst when the enemy began to attack us, with weaponry I cannot begin to describe.

"SCATTER!" I screamed over the open comm line, the three of us moving in separate directions as a beam of devastating destructive force tore past our former position, shearing off the port nacelle of the Gespenst.

"What the heck just hit us?!" Six yelled out.

"Analysing the beam now. Gimme a few minutes oan that, awright?" Mathis blurted back.

"Never mind that. Just find Cagalli!" I barked to Mathis.

"Don't need to, boss. Her transponders online. She's in the main research lab on the station. And she is -"


Log file corrupted. Continuing at next available data segment.

"Where are we?" I asked Mathis, since I had just breached the station right where a map was located.

"Looks like we're just off Cargo bay 7. 2 miles of walkway between us & Cagalli." Mathis noted. "Picking up unregistered life-signs. Two seem to have heard us enter and are approaching rapidly. Activating defensive systems now." He added.

The armour's many panels opened, with the normally white visage quickly taking on the appearance of being ablaze. The large horn weapon on the forehelmet split, settling into a wide V shape atop the faceplate, which had retracted within recesses in the cheekplates, revealing a new, angular plate. Panels in the forearms shifted, revealing phaser apertures astride the wrists, while the largest plate raised itself away from the arm, pressing out a squared-off handle.

The backpack widened, revealing more thrusters, which roared into life as the first assailant began to lunge.

He was a hulking brute: 9 feet tall and easily 6 feet wide, his skin was a mottled crimson hue, almost stretched beyond its limits as the thick, powerful musculature beneath strived to burst forth. His speed was alarming, as his size indicated he would be slow, yet he had lunged with the speed and ferocity unmatched by any Alpha Quadrant race, taking me by surprise.

The brute plunged through the bulkhead behind me, emerging once more from the gaping void. He spoke to me, in a deep booming voice "Where is the one called Cagalli?"


Log file corrupted. Continuing at next available data segment.

"Dammit! That one stings to high dole. Got any other bright ideas, Mathis?!"

"Aye, just one: Charge the right arm's phaser arrays, and sock him in the jaw!" Mathis remarked, his voice noticeably more sinister without its usual cheery tones.

"Here goes nothing." I sighed, as the thrusters roared into life once more, propelling me toward the hulking brute at 150 miles an hour, plunging my fist deep into his jaw via a solid right hook.

"NOW! Eat my magnum!" I roared at him as the phaser arrays blasted his head into smithereens, an eyeball landing before my visor "Don't go losing your head now. Time to pull Cagalli out of here."

"****! Weapons affline. System Failure in 5 minutes." Mathis winced, sounding as if in pain.


Log file corrupted. Continuing at next available data segment.

Ikuzo, Trombe!

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