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Originally Posted by chronoss2012 View Post
i used the visa and the visa shows the money being removed so tell me again its someone elses fault its exactly as usual only the people here are doing this for some reason?
no really its your game if you dont want me to play say so give me back my cash and ill go elsewhere to a place that has not these issues.

This is a joke...
Of course the money is "remove" from your account in case it clears. I should know. I use the same CC for quite some time until recently I charge two zen charges ($50 on the same week) and they "pending" the 2nd one until I called the CC company.

remember that PWE is NOT the one handling the transaction. It is Paypal or Skrill. So depending where you are and recent transaction (especially multiple in a day) when it is charge to DIFFERENT country, it gets suspicious.

There has been a lot of Credit Card fraud, so maybe the system is trying to protect you. like I said, best to call the CC and check it out.

note: I usually use Skrill (which use "direct payment via Visa") instead of paypal also and I had to call to my CC to clear it.

Note: When I talk with my CC, this company ALSO process Minecraft payment. There has been a bunch of fraud running around and hence why MY payment was delayed.
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