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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
I do have a question related to several of these LCs ... where do you find all the details on various cultures? I look at STO Wiki and Memory Alpha but some details are not described that I'm reading here. Are you making stuff up? Is it from a source I can'r access easily like a book or specific episode? I'm thinking I could expand my story telling if I knew a little more about these fictional cultures.
Yep, it's Memory Alpha for me too... mind-numbing amounts of Memory Alpha... and if in doubt, a Google search for episode transcripts can be helpful for tracking down this or that odd detail.

@sanders233: Just finished "Bound" and, while it may be long, it flies by really fast! Wonderful dialogue, a very fast-paced and involving story, and you really captured the sniveling self-righteousness of the Vorta, and the detatched arrogance of the female changeling, perfectly. Now I'm even more curious about playing "The 2800" and learning more about the events surrounding this story.


Eraun ignored him and went on. "Imagine..." he paused for emphasis, "the hubris it takes to contain a god! The arrogance!"

"Actually," Ssharki remarked "all you need to contain a Founder is a hermetically sealed jar, about one-point-two liters in volume."