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04-03-2013, 05:37 PM
Originally Posted by chronoss2012 View Post
i think ill just sit n wait ya....i know i got proof so im not worried....
seriously. and i cant find anything that shows this type a issue where technically and legally by all i se and know they have been paid. There is no pay pal use here , and if its a glitch in there systems someone ought to have a look not evil man ....gee....just a trek lover who wants to have some fun and slowly build up his characters

anyhow sorry if some people get offended or upset just stating my facts an done guy i had to repeat 3 or 4 times I DID NOT USE PAYPAL....i never ant my bank linked in any shape way or fashion to the internet in that way.

i use the prepaid visa for this reason i put cash on it and then use it. Well after this i wont be using it here and form what guy said i would be descrimintated against cause of this anyhow.

ya know people should not have this happen. They should not be penalized for doing nothing wrong. ITS NOT my loss in a way its everyone's for us paying people keep the game going.

anyhow im gonna take a day off this is just becoming too much....and i don't want to get angry.

Stop behaving like the most hard done by person in the world for goodness sake. Credit card protection is in place for YOUR benefit, to protect YOU against fraud/theft. Would you rather go to your bank one day and find all your money stolen by a fraudster and you had no way of ever getting it back? No? Thought not. And the reason that cannot happen is because of fraud protection. Quit throwing a tantrum and wait.