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Funny. There's no way I'd use rainbows even if they were set up right. I've seen too many times first hand how weak they are and I've only done a couple dozen STF's.
tactical consoles boost a weapon's base damage, before anything else is added; replacing a blue mk xi specific console with the general one would take the DPS boost of a common mk xi beam array from its base of 210 DPV + the 26% boost of a specialized console, which is an added 54.6 and totals 264.6, down to 246.75 (210 *17.5% equaling 36.75), for a grand total DPV loss of 17.85 for that one beam array...big freaking whoop

and then everything from a proper skill/ship setup kicks in and boosts that to around 8-900 DPV, before any powers like tac fleet or attack pattern beta kick in, which would boost it even further

rainbow beams are not nearly as weak as some idiots seem to think they are, if the rest of the captain and ship are properly built
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