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04-03-2013, 07:50 PM
Originally Posted by casiopia254 View Post
So..when are you going to fix the obvious poor quality and generic looking UI in both space and the character select screen?

The glowing light on the character screen and the low res character model of my character are very annoying, its like Fantasy Trek Online, my Tac officer is now some kind of wizard?

The in game space UI is generic and cheap in appearance, there are jagged edges, on all borders, the Hull % and shield balancing section is not alligned, and the whole thing looks like it was put together in Microsoft Paint from Windows 3.1.

Please add an option to revert back to the current Holodeck UI, because this new one is not clean, cheap and hideous.

the UI on holodeck is everything u just described the new UI may need a little work but at lest it looks like star trek the current UI is trash and that's were it belongs in the trash ALSO you should note THAT EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON TRIBBLE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE THIS IS IN NO WAY THE FINAL COPY SO STOP UR WHINING AND WAIT TO SEE THE FINAL PRODUCT