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Bright: Correction Grand Admiral. The station was never theirs to begin with so it was not yours. I guess we can leave you to the defense grid and whoever these people are. As I can imagine they are tearing into your ground troops at the moment. If there is more going on than your telling me. How about you cooperate instead. It is not the intention of the Federation to go to war. So your the aggressor here. This is looking quite bad for you.
Terrace : on the contrary admiral. I have another 500 ships at my call. Also I already have my team on the station. Securing what I came here for. So let my men do there job and you can have the station back once there done. Otherwise I'll have them blow it sky high before they leave.
Phil Coulson: And back up isn't coming. It'll be just the four of us. We'll be outmanned and outgunned. But Fury always said... a man can accomplish anything when he realizes he's a part of something bigger. A team of people who share that conviction can change the world. So, what do you say? You ready to change the world?