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Bright: Grand Admiral if your a card player your terrible. Your scanners should show you that your troops are losing. If you do do that you are indeed declaring a war on the Federation and the allies of this galaxy. I suggest you leave as it appears that you under estimate the station as its supposed to hold out against over a thousand ships a measly 500 won't make a difference.

Also it appears the object you seek is not on the station anymore.

*A vessel of the unmarked variety leaves through a rift.. *
Ooc: remember he already had 1200 ships

Terrace : sanders and tal do you have what we need.

Sanders: we have the two Orion leaders sir. And a small group of them.

Terrace: good enough. Beam back to the ship. We are transfering and leaving. The federation wants the station. Let them have it.
Phil Coulson: And back up isn't coming. It'll be just the four of us. We'll be outmanned and outgunned. But Fury always said... a man can accomplish anything when he realizes he's a part of something bigger. A team of people who share that conviction can change the world. So, what do you say? You ready to change the world?