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OOC: Aaaand let's see if you figured it out from my last post.

*The Black Phantom flies low over the desert world, Voporak observing the wreckage*

Voporak: That worked perfectly. Escaped the 29th century, faked my own death to Temporal Investigations, and no trace is left that this was ever a Federation starship. But here I am again, back where I belong, in 2409. *he looks around the empty bridge* And I still need to bend the timeline again so my crew is not left in 2879. *Voporak initiates the temporal core...*

*And in 2879 an ugly blip shows up in the timeline as the Phantom's crew disappears*

Chief of Temporal Investigations: What? How?

Officer: Sir, it's Voporak.

Chief: But he was supposed to dead!

Officer: Evidently not. He's still alive and very much back to his old actions.

Chief: It's time to stop fooling around. We play by all the little regulations, he does not. Deploy the NCV Thresher to capture him. Alert Captain Kormek that he's getting a new mission.

Officer: Right away sir.

*In orbit of Earth, Captain Alex Kormek takes a shuttle towards a drydock. Kormek is a rather gruff looking fellow, and his voice reflects it. He has served in Starfleet for 47 years and is now in command of the Thresher, a Mobius class temporal warship. The ship is equipped with the finest technology of the time, and is now docked after four months in refit (the Thresher was in service for 7 years prior to this). Captain Kormek looks at it, smiling, when the silence is broken by a comm hail.*

Voporak: Captain, I heard you've been sent after me.

*Kormek simply listens, blown away by Voporak so easily hijacking the secure channel*

Voporak (leaning back in his captain's chair on the Phantom, holding a glass of Romulan ale): I hope you realize you won't succeed. I have been at this game far longer than you. Chase me for a hundred years, but prepare yourself to be outwitted by a ship and its captain from decades before you. *He raises his glass* To greatest fugitive hunt of all time. *Voporak smiles evilly and drinks his ale*

Kormek (in partial anger): Then let it begin.

*Voporak cuts the comm*
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