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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Well in the KDF since we are at the KDF we know Generals do command starships, Martok was given the command of the IKS Rotarran.

So you cannot use US Navy ranks as a excuse, they command Starships leading to a de-synch of KDF ranks and Federation ranks were Feds would top as Captains and KDF would top as generals.

If you want to bring back this dead horse to beat it, do it outside the Klingon forums because Klingon Generals do not fly desks ... they command ships.
actually, General Martok commanded a Battlegroup of B'rels, in addition to his own-something more akin to the USAF's rank scheme where a squadron commander often flies his own bird (or, at least, did back in the cold war days...)

Oh, and beating a dead horse is a fine, upstanding, military tradition with roots all the way back to Rome, guys. Battle Standards (flags), Bugle calls, formation marching are all vestiges of a preindustrial era dating to before the widespread adoption of the Machine Gun, Truck, breech loading howitzer, man-portable mortar, breech loading rifle... Consider the humble Bayonet, a device initially invented to turn a Musket into a Pike.
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