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I'm of the belief that the MACO shield, with its extra damage reduction and power levels proc is far better than the KHG shield, ignoring needing to get set bonuses. Now that both sides have the option of both shields (Admittedly at large expense), I'm tempted to swap to using the MACO shield. Thoughts?
This choice should probably hinge on what you're flying, and where. The KHG shield has that neat little stealth proc that makes it harder to hit you, while the MACO just makes it harder to do damage when they DO hit you.

Back in the day, when the sets were separated and you could get them from drops in the STF's (this would be pre-season7 patch), I used KHG quite effectively on the humble Bird of Prey. *(at that time, mixed with the Borg deflector, console, and engine at first, then just the complete set later)

It's what you're doing with the gear that should influence whether to get, or keep it. I'd likely claim the (Adapated) aka MACO gear is better suited to use on a Raptor or BCruiser, along with the Omega set, but others will have differing views.
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