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The Subcommander looked out of the "clean room" into the room below. Scientists were carrying out experiments that could very well get them shut down by Starfleet. Genetic manipulation, bio-organic weaponry.... this was all illegal, or course. But logical. Who knows what the Klingons were doing? Then, as she blankly looked on at the works, commotion came from below. A large container of sticky, oily black fluid shattered, and it consumed the scientist that was holding it, when the scientist was released, he attacked and bit another, then another. The subcommander scrambled over to a console, called in two of the MACO Adapted Commandos, and closed the room off. She then opened up the Emergency Distress Channel and sent out a standard distress call, then sat and watched the security monitor as the creatures, once great scientists, ravaged the halls and making more creatures out of them to bolster their ranks.....

Stardate 90860.0
The Gantrithor is on route to the Eta Eridani sector, on the border of the Klingon-Federation space. Since the invasion of the Borg, our sides have shared a remarkable time of peace and prosperity, with trade and technology being shared once more. It's remarkable really. After years of bloody conflict, once again the prime powers of the Alpha Quadrant have come together to push the Borg invaders out of our space. The crew is acclimating themselves to the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier I was able to salvage from the 2800 battlegroup that attacked Deep Space Nine recently. We are just perusing the galaxy, looking for Borg transwarp signatures.

As I exited the ready room, I was greeted with the primal gaze of my Caitian first officer, I wasn't paying attention, and bumped into her, spilling my tea on both of our uniforms.
"Oh! Sir! I'm so sorry!! I didn't burn you did I? Oh, just let me get that...."
"No worries, M'Tesis. I can get it. Not a captain without doing a few things myself, am I right?", I said.

She purred and skipped off of the bridge to change. I just walked back into my ready room and opened my wardrobe. I made it my business to acquire past-era Starfleet uniforms. I pulled out a purple tinted jumpsuit with a badge sewn into it depicting an NX-class starship, and slipped out of the now damp uniform, and pulled the jumpsuit on. I once again exited the small room as soon as the.. There. Zipper's on. So the door opens, and outside are my Terran crew, looking at me. Incredulously, I asked, "What are you staring at?"

The Trill piped up, "We recieved an automated distress signal from Starbase 8462, they're requesting assistance from ANY ship in range."
Without hesitation, I sat up in my command chair and told the Andorian to set a course, and to prepare the Peregrine Interceptors.

Hours later, we arrived at the starbase... all the lights were out, part of it was destroyed like something exploded IN the starbase, and there were no shuttles or ships to be seen.
We drifted the dreadnought around it to get a better look, only to find there wasn't a back half of 8462. The crew looked on in shock, and as to get ahold of them, I sat back in my chair and called to the MACO marines aboard to board the starbase and assess the situation. Twelve hours passed and out of the eight shuttles I sent, only one came back with two survivors. One expired shortly after, the other was so traumatized, he hung himself from the medical bay girders. 24 marines all lost their lives on the starbase, but they brought back valuable information: The Vulcans were experimenting with bio-organic weaponry and were going to use it on a nearby Klingon colony, starting another war.

Upon learning this I convened a council of sorts in the Dreadnought's war room. The decision was unanimous. Destroy the facility before it could be salvaged and hurt anyone else. By the time we got back to the bridge, there was a fleet of blackened Federation cruisers slowly lumbered into view. Without a command, M'Tesis fired again and again, destroying the cruisers in single shots. Before she got to the last one, it rammed the bridge, sucking most of the crew out. The Trill, the Vulcan and the Liberated Borg... all gone in an instant. M'Tesis was about to be sucked out as well as me, but the emergency force fields activated. Only if they activated sooner, I thought. Then the helmsman - an Orion female, snapped into action and put the Dreadnougt in full reverse, as a stunned M'Tesis blew the last cruiser away, the warp core explosion barely damaging the shields.

Solemnly, the flight back was silent, as opposed to the raucous roar and songs of celebration and victory. Three of my friends, gone in an instant. That's how we ended up here.

"So that's my report, Director. Now where is my pay you promised me?", I asked the shadow in the darkness.

"You'll get your pay, Captain, don't you worry.", a thick Southern accent echoed in the hall.

"And I require a bonus for... casualties sustained..", I insisted and emphasized this part.

"And you will. Once I deliver this report, you will be back in Starfleet."

"No! I will not be under the heel of dusty senators resorting to bio weaponry to fight your enemies with. After I get my pay... I do not want to be pulled into Starfleet's mess. I'm done!"

After that, I grabbed my money and left Earth for good, and set course for Terjas-Mor to spend it.