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I'm having a similar issue Holodeck works fine, but Tribble takes me to the Cyrptic loading screen (the one that just says "Cryptic" on it) and will only load up a tiny way and then just sits there. I let it sit for about half an hour with no change.

Can you provide more information about this workaround? where does one put the "-enablerawinputsupport 0"? etc.

From the tribble patch notes:
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
Known Issues:
  • Players on Windows XP may have problems with the game not accepting mouse and keyboard input.
    • There is a workaround for this.
      • Open your launcher.
      • Click on Options on the top right.
      • In Advanced command line, enter the following:
      • -enablerawinputsupport 0
      • Click OK and launch the game as usual.
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