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04-04-2013, 12:45 AM
Originally Posted by starfish1701 View Post
I am not entirely happy at what has happened here. Patarmarkan, I agreed to allow you to use my original chart as I was under the impression you would be creating a program which allowed the comparison of existing charts, initially mine and Spidermitches.

What you have done instead, is take my design to re-create ships which Spidermitch has already made.

Spidermitch has also given you permission to use his own charts, but instead of using his chartss you have just recreated the other ships yourself using my design, and are not using his charts at all now. Furthermore, you are continuing to use Spidermitches stickied thread for seemingly no good reason. To add insult to injury you have credited him on the frontpage of your comparator, yet consigned a credit to myself (whose chart and layout you actually have used) behind another link!

I am obviously not happy about this situation at all.

You appear to be more than capable of creating your own designs, so I am confused as to why you have taken mine. You have now created so many of your own frames, why didn't you just come up with one of your own to begin with. I would 'encourage' you to create a layout of your own (as I suspect it would be very good) and create your own thread to accompany it.
Dear starfish1701,

I am really sorry, that you got a wrong impression of what my intension was.
Initially I wrote in my private message to you:
"Since I want to compare ships directly, I just wrote a php script to use it on my webserver.
It will allow you to compare two ships at a time."
I thought it would make it clear - maybe I was wrong, but you answered this way:
"Yes, by all means go ahead. Obviously I don't own the chart or its contents, I just assembled it."
So I thought everything was clear and shiny.

When I started, the plan was indeed to use parts of spidermitch's charts and I did
but I learned that the format did not fit to your charts and the informations partially
were out-dated.
I wanted to create a consistent appearance to make it easy to compare the ship's stats.

Since I really liked (and like) the way you assembled the information and considered it
logical (as a very known vulcan would state) I used that shape when I started to add
more ships. In fact, there are not many ways to assemble it in a way all informations
can be seen at a single glance.
I did not want to again invent the wheel from scratch while a really good one already
existed and I wanted to safe time, since a work like that easily can get a fulltime job.

The reason I use this thread is, that my work is closely related to spidermitch's work.
I wanted to do this in the very moment I used his charts for the first time.
The comperator is kind of an evolution/addition to the charts from both of you.
So I wanted to use this thread until this evolution was finished which was by
about now, since only a hand full of special ships are missing.

The reason spidermitch's name appeared on the frontpage was the fact,
that his website and therefore his charts were offline and I hosted them.
Spidermitch now has republished his work and I already removed the charts from the
main site and added a link to him into the hall of fame as well.

To create a design of my own at this point will imply to re-create the whole thing.
It is kind of logical as well to use in-game graphics for the layout as well so all I would
do is to change the arrangement - I consider this as pointless and again I would have to
touch every single ship.
At this point it feels kind of unfair that you didn't complain more early.
Of course you can revoke your permission to use your layout, but I rather will take the
whole thing offline and use my work for my own purposes only before doing it all over again.

This situation makes me sad, since I really like the way it is now.
So what do you want me to do?
For now I will take a pause updating the app until I get your answer.

Watch out for my Starship Comparator app at or