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04-04-2013, 03:25 AM
Well i think these traits are awesome. I have to use miracle worker in the toughest STFs/pvp. I really like this trait. And I use batteries to get more power. More power to subsystems is always a good choice. When i need to clean disable, i use "emergency power to x" (if the remaining CD is short) or engineerig team.

From my point of view, these traits are by far the best career traits because i already play my cruiser the way it's supposed to be played. More miracle worker means i can toss out more heals. More power means i can use a weapon battery, do more damage AND get more tanking, healing, and a better flying speed.

In comparison, the science traits sucks and the tactical ones are just ok but don't give something specific to the Tac career, which is dps. Here engs get something to help them doing what they're supposed to do: tanking and healing. If only the tac traits were dps-centric and the sci ones control-centric... I told you so: awesome.

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