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Originally Posted by doaga1 View Post
Lately I've been noticing, at least around the people I tend to see, that escorts seem to be on the decline....

I see more and more Tac officers in cruisers and in a few baffling cases in Science ships. I often hear people saying escorts are OP... Colossally OP in some cases. which brings me to my question.... Why do tac officers seem to COMPLETELY waste so much damage potential by flying something other then an escort?
Fedside, the answer is "Subsystem Targeting, Shields, decent manueverability, Shields, the fact that Tacs also boost sci powers (better than Sci officers) so Offensive sci abilities, Shields..."

noticing a pattern yet?

Let me break it down further for you:

APA+APD+TBR+beam Target (engines, or weapons, or shields-usually shields)

APD+GW+Beam Target Engines

Tac Fleet+APA+VM3+Beam Target Shields+THY1 with Quantums, or Plasma...

There are other fun combos too. Instead of APD, you could be running BO2 on Elite Phasers, with VM3, EPW1, APA, and dropping,say, Tyken's Rift on them at the same time.

To get the same array of "Precision strikes" (aka subsystem attacks) on an Escort, you're basically sacrificing 4 tac officer slots-with a Sci ship, as a Tac, you can apply the precise strikes, while using Lt grade tac officer abilities, buffed by your Career abilities, and still apply LTC and Commander level Sci abilities-all on the same target, at the same time.

The ONLY thing you sacrifice, and if you're driving a Wells, you don't even sacrifice THAT, is the ability to use DHC's, and the ability to use higher-level-longer-cooldown tac abilities (LTC and Commander level stuff), which, if you time and bind your tray the right way, you'll never miss anyhow.
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