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Originally Posted by shadowfang240 View Post
uhhh, maybe to prove to ignorant idiots who don't know what the hell they're talking about that rainbows are just as effective as a single color save for an EXTREMELY minor DPV loss, that you aren't even going to notice if you're running any combination of EPtW, plasmonic leech, NI, aux2batt, weapons batteries, RMC, or any other myriad of powers that boost damage or power levels
Ok, so here's what you do.

Go start you own post explaining how;

To properly set up a Rainbow/Technicolor boat.
To Properly set up a Skittles boat.
To properly set up a boat.
How not to Farm.
How to use Chat.
How to do a space STF.
How to do a ground STF.
How to cooperate with others.
How not to sabatoge.
What not to shoot at.
What to shoot at.
How to PUG.
How not to PUG.

I could go on......

Anotherwords, this is like a TV set. If you don't like what your seeing, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

The rest of us will continue telling our fun little stories about our adventures in the STF world.