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04-04-2013, 03:43 AM
IKS Valgy'r 2, [Redacted] system, who gives a ****?

D'Daku, cousin D'daku, as a first officer she is just not going to work out with this ship, or this crew. I may have to space her body if she doesn't get back on the suppressants-today could be the whole reason I will, too. Stupid ***** letting her Pheremones out when we needed the crew to be on their Prime game, not brain-buddled.

Simple enough situation-Research Station [Redacted] sent out a distress call 19 hours ago, we were in the area and Methos tells me, "D'Moj, what they are doing on that station can NOT be allowed to fall into enemy hands, and the High Council will want physical proof if you just try to do there, what you did at Heston III. Solve it, bring back physical proof."

When the Head of the Great House that is acting as your sponsor, and only protection from the bulk of your relatives, says he wants physical proof that something dangerous has been secured and/or suppressed, you listen. Going back to Mom means going on the Auction Bloc after a short trip to have that annoyingly rebellious forebrain removed. I LIKE thinking like a person and not like a sex-driven mammal.

So, we cloaked up, and raced to answer the call.

The new Robot needed a field test anyway-after eighteen successive series I guess the lab-targs finally figured out how to make a stable Soong processing unit...or at least, the Clan thinks so.

They shipped it naked, and painted it green. I guess they're also prototyping for an adult novelty line-stupid thing is a worse reminder of growing up Orion than my equally stupid cousin.

On the bright side, it doesn't ***** when I won't play stripper-girl and I don't have to have Mary force-feed it Pheremone suppressants..which just made me angry again. Stupid throbbing hole's been palming the meds, damn near got us all killed when we saw what was boarding the station.

I just about got over the assimilated Deferi children. Just about stopped having nightmares about the Fek'lyhr too...

and here's a [censored, very bad word] Fek Cruiser-carrier in a docking orbit over the research station.

Thank Prime Source that the Gorn crewmen are immune to Pheremones, D'Ghur was practically too brain-addled to work the Cloak, much less handle his duties as Chief Engineer, and I finally found a use for the creepy ****ing Borg we got assigned-he's also immune-something about the nannies altering his biochemistry. I put the robot on Weapons and had D'Ghur confined to the medbay-Mary might be a human, and she might be a conscience-less psychopath I have to keep on a short leash or she'll eat people, but she's a good hand with a hypo and is absent any sort of normal 'fear' or discretion.

The Robot isn't very smart, and I found its ability to interpret orders irritating-when we initiated the decloaking strike, it barely carried out the attack portion of hte mission adequately-it took us nearly an hour to drop the Cruiser and deal with its fighters-and that would have been a WONDERFUL time to have repair crews who could keep their brains on the job-luckily, I have a few Gorn on the staff who can patch hull and fix plumbing and wiring without drooling over their scantily-clad department head.

Beaming aboard was...interesting. Getting flashbacks to Defera was even MORE interesting-the Damsouls that Fek was using on us hit right to the nastier parts of the old memory-box to try and disable you-the fang-bitches also tried it...and in this case, thank Prime for that nasty smelling powder Mary's had me taking-some kind of animal tranquilizer that works as a combat drug, because instead of curling into a ball of neurosis, we chopped those ****ers into chum and burned it.

Now, I'm not entirely sure what this ****ing thing is they were after, but it kind of reminds me of Borg technology married in some unholy way with Undine gear, and it glows.

But this mission almost went into the Recycler, and this...gadget thing they were working on at the station almost ended up Fek-tek, and it was almost that way, because my idiot cousin whom mom pulled strings to get assigned to MY ship by the KDF High Command, whom I'm not supposed to kill because she's Klingon Intelligence, wanted to seduce her some of my ridge-faced boys.

That's it, ***** is going out the airlock. I may be nice enough to let her take a pressure suit...

-Captain D'Moj, IKS Valgy'r II
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."