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04-04-2013, 04:54 AM
The contribution sliders in the new interface feel really bad. It jerks over really easy and you have no real fine control over it. Its this huge bar but I tried to see how fine I could contibute my expertse and it ticked some one invisible set spot to another and incrimented by 25. Could not get it down any lower. It was really lose and took the feeling of control I have on Holodeck away.

The compass at the top of the screen has been made really thin feeling. I can barely see if much of the time and actually forgot it was there till I noticed it flicker. Standing on ESD and looking at the ground device merchantes I can't see it at all with those boxes as a background.

Ended up having to change my resolution to 1776x1000 to get rid of the flickering I was having on all text and straight lines. Native is a 1080p monitor. At least now my head is not hurting as much.