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OOC: Nice. Unfortuanately, you've completely wrecked what I was planning to do (lol). Oh well.

*Torros III. A red energy surge destroys the entire complex (looking like the complex was being burned) and a large portion of the Face Dancers before vanishing.

The remaining Orion Vessels, including Megann D'ian's vessel, manage to escape before the Face Dancers or Federation can stop them, as a Republic Fleet, accompanied by 3 Victory Class Assault Transports (The R.A.S. (Republic Assault Ship) Anton, R.A.S. Victory and R.A.S. Endeavour) fold-jump in and see the missing station. The lead ship (the R.S.S. Republic) hails Bright's ship.*

Sam: Admiral Bright, this is Captain Samantha Allington of the Republic of United Star Systems. Requesting situation report.

*R.A.S. Anton. Commander Syner and Rex are looking out the massive windows on the Bridge to see the carnage.*

Rex: Where's the station?

*A Naval Officer (the Anton's Captain) turns to him.*

Anton Captain: Unknown. Captain Allington's trying to find out now.

Syner: Well, so much for 'Operation: Take back'.

Rex: If the Station's gone, then that means that the Tesseract is gone too.

Syner: The question is: where?

*Grand Admiral Terrace's Ship. Captain Piett walks into a chamber with 2 Imperial Troopers standing guard at either side of a dark green Orion box. He opens it and his face is flooded by blue light. He turns to the senior trooper.*

Piett: I shall notify Admiral Terrace.

*He closes the box and picks it up, before walking to Terrace's Ready Room and pressing the door chime.*
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