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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
From my point of view, these traits are by far the best career traits because i already play my cruiser the way it's supposed to be played. More miracle worker means i can toss out more heals. More power means i can use a weapon battery, do more damage AND get more tanking, healing, and a better flying speed.
You don't seem to understand why EPS Manifold Efficiency is bad. A small temporary boost to all subsystems is not very useful. Do you need more shield power if you are not in danger? Do you need more engine power if you are not trying to run? Do you need more auxiliary power if you are not healing? Which subsystem you need power to is situational. The benefit of this trait is divided among all subsystems. That's why it's weak. What would be useful is a controlled, large boost to one subsystem. However, your power is still capped at 125, so the benefit you derive from extra power is inherently limited. That's why I suggest temporarily removing the cap.

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