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Scene: A Restaurant on New Romulus

"What do you think of the rumors that the Iconians might be returning?" asked Jarmon Sollace.

Gen. Hauk leaned back in the chair. He cast an eye at the design engineer who now served as president and CEO of Qur'Dra Spaceframe Industries.

Life long friends, they sat together at a table outside of a makeshift eating and drinking establishment on New Romulus.

"We've both heard those same rumors and seen a few things," said Hauk, "but if I had not seen those recordings down in the underground ruins for myself ..."

He sighed a moment and took a sip of his ale before continuing.

"The last thing we all need is yet another enemy hounding us all and knowing our luck ... that's exactly what we'll get."

"Aye, another enemy to fight and harass us while the powers that be still wage war against each other," Jarmon added.

"The Empire and Federation both are fools to not see the real threats around them."

"Stubborn more like," responded Jarmon. "And as foolish as wee babes lost in the forest. Tell me, is the chancellor any close to seeing reason?"

"No closer than those admirals over at Starfleet command. We are just lucky that at least they agreed to the Task Force Omega initiative and opened the door to the creation of the Alliance."

The native Scotsman took a sip of his own Romulan brew before responding.

"Aye, that it did. Meh sons both claim that life fer them is good with both thankful to be fighting with the Klingons instead of uselessly against them."

"My own son, Tlhoreon, still finds it to a bit strange that he is able to beam aboard Earth Space Dock even though technically the Klingon Empire remains at war with the Federation ... thankful to be fighting the real enemies out there but thankful none the less."

Jarmon kicked back his own chair, leaning enough that it rested simply on its aft legs.

"I see the lass we've been waitin' fer now." He motioned towards the establishment's entrance with his mug.

Aelis S'tariennye lh'Rheu approached the table with a grace that reflected her years, wisdom ... and inner strength.

Hauk eyed the Romulan admiral's approach with a half cocked smile.

Here was a lady who had bested his father on the field of battle.

Hauk held no ill will for the death as it had been one born from combat -- a death worthy of entrance into Sto'Vo'Kor.

Here also was a woman who Hauk himself had tangled with in more ways that one and ...

"So Hauk, how our daughter, Arrhae, these days?" asked Aelis. "I hope she continues to serve your noble house well and brings honor to both our families."


--- Gen. Hauk
Joint Forces Commander
Alliance Central Command


This story is one I plan to kick around for a while. It sets a couple of stages for various story lines, prepares for an important conversation as well as introduces my future Romulan character.

A HUGE thank you to Cryptic for the Mogh-class battle cruiser!

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