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04-04-2013, 07:20 AM
The big thing that people should remember is, putting too many things in a one keystroke automated macro means you wait, big time for the sequence to complete, every function has a cooldown and some actually share cooldowns, the game doesn't queue keystrokes, it ignores keypresses for functions in cooldown. There will come times when you want to execute a function out of sequence from your scripted macro but thanks to the macro, the function you may desperately need is stuck in a shared cooldown caused by one of the functions activated in your macro. Then the magic I win button becomes the suicide button instead. This is the major pitfall of using game gear automated macros.

The keybind system in game requiring you to press the key for each step allows you to stop at any point should you choose to execute a function directly out of the order defined in your keybind sequence, you are not locked into a sequence that could get you killed when the situational requirements vary rapidly.

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