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04-04-2013, 08:45 AM
Cure Found, space elite.

Me: fleet heavy cruiser retro, specced heal/tank.

  • Defiant. Good DPS and knew the strat, but would pointedly leave teammates struggling with spawns instead of helping kill them.
  • Prometheus. Oh lord, this captain. Took no actions except sitting motionless and unloading on cubes. Died dozens of times due to total lack of self-preservation instinct. Never touched a BoP or spawn, even when they flew right past him. Advocated for counter-productive strats such as killing the cubes early.
  • Two Odysseys. Apparent cube-phobia, because they never approached to help with probes. That's okay though, because they somehow had their hands full desperately trying to kill BoPs.

With only the Defiant and me on probes (I'm not counting the Prometheus with all the time spent dead/damaged), things were slow. The total lack of teamwork meant Negh'var/Raptor spawns were also a hot mess, and I had already given up on optional. Still, things were basically under control until we started popping cubes. By the time we popped the second, the two poor Odysseys had totally lost control of the situation and the Kang was at 20%. I swept in to heal but it was too late, and we lose the match outright.

It was the Wizard of Oz group. The Defiant needed a heart, the Odysseys needed courage, and the Prometheus needed a gorram brain.