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Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
Tiered of flying the same old escorts and looking for a challenge? Try to build a cruiser that can spike and potentially replace an escort in team based PvP.

Whose up for the challenge?

I know for a fact it is very very doable. Go on, impress yourselves
very difficult to say the least, and i don't said that because i do it with a tact in a galaxy x wich is really a challenge
no the problem is beam, because we speak about spike damage so that must be a beam overload build.
and these build are really unreliable unlike cannon build.
to be fully effective on a cruiser BO need to be fire a full weapons power, must not miss the target and often be supported by an other spike weapon directly after it.
it required piloting skill, timing and can be screw at any time by lag.

i could fly an escort, but this is star trek, so i stick with my gal x, so i don't do it in a challenge spirit, i am sort of force to.
from my experience, until something change, spike damage is not good for cruiser in a long term engagement.
i would love to go an other way than BO, but BFAW is even more unreliable since you don't choose the targets at wich it is thrown at ( and that appart from the bug that was affecting this power ).

so yes it rather good in some situation, against average player, but i have hard time to bielieve ( even with better cruiser than galx, and they are many ) that you could do something that even approches an escort efficiency.

i however am openminded, if you known for a fact someone that can, please, post he or her gears, skillpoint layout and BO layout.
i will take any help i can get to make my ship work better.

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