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Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
It has the same problem as the Vesta. Cryptic would have to negotiate with whoever created it to bring it in.
Pretty much this.

And may I say that the class name does not roll lightly off my tongue, nor inspire me to want one.

Achilles, however, has a ring to it. And a very Engineer-oriented support carrier might have a niche.

But I would rather see all high-end cruisers getting a "combat" shuttle bay.

I know, I know... too much spacespam. But dangit, the Enterprise-D did have a shuttle bay and they did use them in combat (rarely). I'd even be good with a longer-than-normal launch cooldown.

Also, I love the look of the Atrox but after hearing so many complaints about its' performance and the fact that it's starting to need an upgrade to keep up with the power creep I have no desire to buy one.
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