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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Read the latest Dev Blog from Goatshark.... It's not seperate, not any more... So yeah, either you're with the Tal'Shiar or in the d'Tan group.....
And I say that Cryptic should be innovative in their storyline, and allow us to create a third path, or at the very least choose between the two existing paths.

Ideally I want an RSE that is independent of both the Iconian influenced Tal Shiar and Spock Jr.'s Fed-Lite Republic.

Originally Posted by vulcanclipper View Post
Cryptic did not invent Hobus disasater. Empires fall. Survivors must adapt. As someone who was born and raised in a great empire that fell apart following a nuclear disaster I deeply identify with the current Romulan paradigm.
I am very interested in hearing more about this.
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