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04-04-2013, 11:25 AM


*types in* 's

*presses highlight*

*facepalm's* /intended hrrhrr

my thoughts on the whole thing:

-> making pro Star Trek waves is GOOD, no matter if we get this show resumed or just show enough demand that they might just start to think about the next Series a bit earlier

-> if there is a snowballs chance in hell that they would resume the show, it is worth a try

-> they brought Shatner and Crew back for TMP years after TOS was canceled, i do see no reason why this could not happen here.

-> With the Refit of the NX-01 they would get a few Bridge upgrades so it doesn't even have to look exactly the same.

-> so the Romulan War may happen a few years later... big effing deal *shrug*

... i have no facebook account so no like from me
... germany doesn't have Netflix so no views from me

so all i can do is spread the word... and maybe buy some BluRays when i got some money to waste...