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Originally Posted by imadoctornota View Post
I remember somebody pitching an idea that involved warp cores and computer cores, I guess they took some of the suggestion!
Well, not exactly.

The suggestion you're thinking of basically worked a lot like Base construction in City of Heroes, if I remember it correctly.

Warp Cores would provide a certain amount of Power and Computer Cores would provide a certain amount of Control (CPU was the term used, I believe). The kinds of Cores you could use would depend on the size, class, and rank of the ship.

Every component that you wanted to slot in would have a power requirement and a control requirement, and deduct what it needed from the available Power and Control provided by the Cores. Once you used up all of the available Power and/or Control, you couldn't slot anything else.

This could be a baby step in that direction, I admit. But I think I like this way better. A lot of room for customization and optimization, with less complexity (and headache from trying to put together a working configuration).

Makes me wonder how they'd implement Computer Cores, IF they decided to...
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