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04-04-2013, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
I'd had some time in a Vo'Quv over a year ago. I wanted a change of pace from my Siege Destroyer. And had the slot and the ability to get it. So I did.

I didn't like it.

I succumbed to Forums pressure and got the Vesta. It's been a fascinating two days so far. It's a lot to tinker with. The consoles, the BOFF layout, the weapons choices, the hangar pet. So far it's been a really engaging experience.

I still like the smooth flying of the Luna I was using, and maybe it's all in my head but even at just 1 point lower turn rate the Vesta seems more sluggish. But it does so much more. Haven't tried any Elite STFs yet, since I'm still learning the ship, but did a bunch of Normal STFs and it's been a whole bunch of fun. I can do all the CC type annoying things I was doing before, but I also feel like I kill targets much more efficiently. The cannons and the pet seem to have more punch than my prior set of DBBs and Quantum Torp launcher.
What type of Vesta did you choose to use if I might ask? Did you get the whole bundle or got I of the 3 that you prefer?

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