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04-04-2013, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by kevaldt View Post
I am adding to this... now I have got into 2 red alerts today and they both ended in a server not responding message kicking everyone out... something is wrong here and NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!

I am pissed as hell right now, finally get a working RA and its even further broken by this crap.

What needs to be fixed is the way we get romulan marks, seriously it takes the piss.

I could if I wanted to get 3-500 omega marks an hour but your lucky to get 1-200 rommy marks in a day without blowing your damn brains out.

You get less than 20 for azure nebula, what the hell.

1 daily sector patrol for 60 (75 during rep event)

Also all the planetary crap omg I really felt the urge to just blow my brains out with a shotgun just going round getting my sig done in all the transporters.

Just to stay on topic, I think I have managed to get into an active Tholian RA 2 or 3 times.