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# 18 Almost a perfect world as is
04-04-2013, 11:56 AM
Honestly? I think things really are set up almost 100% perfect as they are right now.

As has been suggested already, adding a Romulan Shipyard and Romulan Content section to match the other 2 factions. I'm sure some wag will suggest putting all "content" under one section as it will be shared or "cut'n'pasted" but I think there's enough difference to warrant the separate sections.

I wouldn't combine General Community Feedback and Star Trek Online Discussion into one as the former seems to be a section which is more for forumites to question forumites and the latter is where forumites can question devs.

...Oh and I would second renaming Federation News Network to Galactic News Network except my mind goes to a galaxy far, far away when I read it for some reason

What I would suggest is making it a no posting allowed section, like release notes, moving discussions about maintenance, news and events to the more appropriate forum. I have trouble having to read through pages of moaning before finding an update from you telling us maintenance is extended when what I would want is a post from you RIGHT after the initial post.