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- You are an aspiring new Captain in the service of the Romulan people.
- You will chose between 2 old enemies who at points in time where both fickle allies as well.
- You and thousands of other new Romulan captains will take part in the most epic, grand and astounding case of courting disaster in History.

Because romulans are victims of chronic backstabbing disorder.

Crackpottime: "Duuuuudes, the feds and klinkers are going to invite like thousands of us into their ranks!. And they are like gonna share their stuff with us. And let us come to their worlds. in our ships. Our giant spaceships armed with man eating radiation. yeeeeeeah."

"And so it was a green day in history when thousands of romulan vessel started to murder absolutely everyone because everyone was dumb enough to let them get into backstabbing distance - heck even pull them closer. Because dumb."

"What a bunch of Dumbasses." - Romulan captain after nuking Betazed