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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Hi Captains,

With Legacy of Romulus due out next month, and the introduction of a third faction, the time has come to start thinking about a forum reorganization. As you are the community and utilize the forums, I'd love to get your input and suggestions. Ultimately, I'll also need to make sure that the organizations make sense for the Dev team as they are reading the forums for feedback constantly, but I'd really like to involve you all in the process.

So, let's get started! Feel free to make descriptive suggestions or post something like this:

STO Forums
.Information and Discussion
..Federation News Network
..Release Notes
..Dev Tracker

etc, etc, etc.

Feel free to use the index as your guide:

Here's a few questions we should also think about:

Should the shipyards sub-forum (builds, feedback, not art, etc.) still be separated by faction?
Are there any forums that you think should be combined?
Is STO discussion and General Community Feedback too similar or should we keep them separated?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions

Once we all come to, or at least try to, a consensus, the changes will be made. The goal for this is a week or two before the expansion launches. NOTE: These changes will not include the future update mentioned here, nor will anything else be changing at this time, other than what forums we have and the organization of them.


Brandon =/\=
I've never really felt that the shipyard sections needed to be divided by faction; it's not like the ships are so radically different that there is no crossover as far as builds go. Having everyone discussing these things in the same place would make it easier for us to compare notes. The same applies to the faction gameplay sections; but the KDF players seem to like having a place to call home on the forums, so it might be a good idea to keep those.

The STO discussion and General Community Feedback sections are, to a large extent, used interchangeably; except that people don't read the threads in Feedback so often. There's a lot of good stuff that just gets lost in there, that could just as easily have been in Discussion. Having said that, concentrating that stuff into a single sub-forum means fewer possible places for angry people to rage; so if they were combined, then the good stuff might just get buried anyway. Maybe you could have a separate 'Complaints' forum?

Fleet Recruitment sections, and technical support sections, need to be more prominently displayed. I wouldn't be surprised if many new players don't even realise they are there.

Some things could probably stand to be tucked inside other things. Boff and Doff sections, for example, seem like they should be sub-sections of a 'Powers and Abilities' section or something. The top page of the forums is just too big.
Exploration suggestions thread - give it a read

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