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04-04-2013, 12:05 PM
As a former Moderator on another unrelated site, and the Administrator on a fleet website, here is how I would reorganize this site:

-Galactic News Network (Renamed from Federation News Network)
-Release Notes
-Dev Tracker
-Academy (could possibly rename this, so it fits with all 3 factions)
-Star Trek Online Discussion
Recreational - Off Topic Discussion
-Ten Forward
-Role Play Forum
-Federation Gameplay (Combined with General Feedback)
-Klingon Gameplay
-Romulan Gameplay
-Duty Officer System
-PVE Gameplay
-PVP Gameplay
-Character Builds and Powers
-Bridge Officers and BOFF Powers (could possibly combine this with Character Builds and Powers)
-Missions and Episodes
-Controls and User Interface
-C-Store and Promotions
Art of Star Trek Online
-Ship Art
-Epic Screenshots
-Beauty Shots
The Foundry for Star Trek Online
-Discussion & Feedback
-Mission Database
-Bug Reports
Gameplay Bugs
-PC and Technical Issues
-Graphical Issues
Fleet Recruitment
Test Servers
--Release Notes and Announcements
--Bug Reports
--Discussion and Feedback
--Release Notes and Announcements
--Bug Reports
--Discussion and Feedback

Of course, this is just my opinion.
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