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04-04-2013, 12:06 PM
I apologize in advance if my comments come across as aggressive.

What right has the UFP to deem it improper for Sela to rule as an Empress? What right has the UFP to deem it acceptable to supply ship and weapons technology (humanitarian aid is fine) to one faction in an internal conflict of another society? All I'm getting from this is that I just have to accept it without explanation. But why? Can't we expand the story to explain why President Aennik Okeg sanctioned these actions? Maybe hes an imposter, or maybe he is against it and the council forced his hand?

I can't believe he cited Kira in command of the defiant as an answer. Hello? That doesn't mean it was suddenly under the ownership of the Bajoran Provisional Government! They certainly didn't get the opportunity to open her up and photocopy the cloaking device at their leisure.
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