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04-04-2013, 12:08 PM
seems to me a Federation Gameplay, Klingon Gameplay, Romulan Gameplay, PvE Gameplay, and Missions and Episodes is all talking about the same thing, PVE. role that all into 1. just make 1 shipyard subforum too.

also General Community Feedback and Star Trek Online Discussion, those basically seem like the same thing to me too

Character Builds and Powers and Bridge Officers and BOff Powers are certainly talking about the same thing. plus actual builds are discuses almost exclusively in the ship yard section or PVP section, those sections arent even used for that. any of the posts there now could be rolled into the academy.

so it should look about like this

News Network
Release Notes
Dev Tracker
Star Trek Online Discussion
Ten Forward

The Academy
Duty Officer System
PvE Gameplay
PvP Gameplay
Controls and User Interface
The Art of Star Trek Online
C-Store and Promotions

the foundry and test server stuff should be unchanged
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