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04-04-2013, 12:09 PM
From the moment this game came out I ventured outside of the rank of macro and strings (all that noise). From beta I decided to find a way to use my keyboard, flightstick and headset together. What I found after so many hours of tweeking the game itself is I give my ship a command through my headset for example: Shields up, Rotate Shields, or Rapid Fire and my ship follow my commands. I use three programs to gain success for this, instead of using that option that PW/Cryptic set up within the options which I find totally useless. I use my Logitech joystick application, I use a voice command program which is on everyone's computer called Speech Reconigtion. With SR you have to teach your computer to understand your voice so you have to go through a short tutorial. Next you go to Microsoft and download a program called Microsoft Macro. What the macro does is bridge your speech from your voice to SR to the game. It will only help you if you used small term words to activate a power on your UI. The only problem I have with this set up is when I get a new ship and my UI gets switched around so I have to set back and start my layout back over. I wish that Cryptic would figure out a way to lock the AIs within their stations so the powers will not move around. This problem have not accured lately being that now I am max yet on another toon. With my Joystick, keybinds and voice commands I have so much fun with this set up of mine.

for those who are interested here is the link for microsoft macro

Have any questions hit me up within game @kage71

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