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04-04-2013, 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by thepopeofbeers View Post
If I had to design the forums, I'd probably keep it much the same, but adjust it like this:

News Network (I agree it needs a rename.)
Release Notes
Dev Tracker
The Academy
Star Trek Online Discussion (General Community Feedback should be rolled into here. Look at all the posts in GCF. I'll wait. Notice anything? Everyone is discussing STO. Where are they not discussing STO? Star Trek Online Discussion.)
Ten Forward

Federation Gameplay
Klingon Gameplay
Romulan Gameplay
Shipyards/Fleetyards (Consoles aren't faction specific any longer, except for a few examples, and Romulans will be able to fly allied ships. So why not consolidate?)
Captain and Bridge Officer Builds and Powers (Consolidate!)
Duty Officer System (Too different, I think, to roll into the Captain and BOff forum.)
PvE Gameplay
PvP Gameplay (Where else would we cry for nerfs? )
Missions and Episodes (I almost cut this forum because it's been pretty dead lately, but then I remembered how active it got when Temporal Ambassador and the 2800 debuted. Plus, we need a place to discuss non-faction specific missions.)
Controls and User Interface
The Art of Star Trek Online
C-Store and Promotions

And I'd keep the Foundry, Support, Fleet Administrative Station, and Test Servers the same.
I like this suggestion. Simple and clean.