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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
The mirror Vor'quv might be the only carrier I'd consider doing it with.. Not sure on how effective it would be, because as you said, you'd be losing your Aux power for the Recharge boosts..

Although I do wonder if running 2x Purple Technicians, 1x Blue Technician, 2 Purple Flight Deck Doffs (Recharge reduction) Might help with the pet situation that grim states above. Because he is right that your Aux power being reduced constantly will hurt your ability to deploy pets, but I also wonder if the Flight Deck cool down reducing Doffs could make up for that.

I don't have the ability to test this theory because I don't own the Mirror Vor'quv, or have the Doffs on a character I would give the mirror Vor'quv to in order to test it properly. But if pets were all that you worry about, that might be a way to get around the Aux drain.
Do fighters and drones share the same cooldown? It might be worthwhile in their case, but you'd definitely be hamstringing any use of frigates. I dunno, though. Piggiest ship I ever flew was the Oddy last anniversary, and I can't see the slower turning Mirror Vo'quv getting a lot of mileage out of its BOff slots at global cooldown.

Maybe something like this:

TB1 / HE 2 / ST3 / PSW3(TBR3)

TT1 / AP 1 / AP:O 1

EPtS 1 / Aux2Bat 1 / RSP 2

EPtA 1 / Aux2Bat 1

Hangar 1: Orion Interceptors
Hangar 2: Siphon Drones (More Orion Interceptors)

Really out of my depth, though.
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