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04-04-2013, 12:20 PM
Everything's great and all and I don't really mind the alliance fact or some other restrictions, but this:
[Terilynn] Will the new Romulan faction have full access to a Duty Officer system?

[dStahl] Yes. Romulan captains and ships will be able to use the Duty Officer System and we are adding Romulans and Remans to Duty Officer Packs. We also have exclusive Romulan DOFF packs planned in the near future. Romulans will be able to completely outfit their ships with Romulan/Reman DOFFs and BOFFs. FED and KDF captains will also be able to obtain Romulan and Reman bridge officers. We also plan to offer Romulan Republic flavored Duty Officer Missions.
This I find really disappointing. You can't really keep saying with straight face that romulans are their own unique fully-fledged faction while even their duty officer missions are going to be taken from either FED or KDF, with just "plans" of releasing their own doff packs. I find this worse than lack of proper romulan fleets...

Oh well, I guess this means I've got yet another reason to ally myself with klingons, as their doff missions are way better.