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04-04-2013, 12:23 PM
I think there are way too many sub forums, and the idea of adding even more every time you add a faction seems silly. I know I have had issues finding information in the past, often finding the same or similar information is in multiple places.

We don't have Fed and KDF PvP/PVE forums, do we need Fed and KDF shipyards?

I think you are better off segmenting the game by play type:

General Community Feedback

Space Combat - Ships, Builds, Equipment, and Powers

Ground Combat - Builds, Equipment, and Powers


Crew Systems - BOFFs and DOFFs


Missions, Fleet Actions, STFs, FEs

Controls and UI

The Art of STO


You can just look at the topics on the first page of each subform to see a lot of that part of the forum to see discussion is really spread out. with similar topics across multiple areas.