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# 1 Elite STF?s, PUGS and you
04-04-2013, 12:38 PM
Hi All,

I have a possible solution to the issues regarding new players jumping into Elite STF?s in PUG?s without the experience and knowledge required to successfully complete the optional or the STF as a whole.


As we have one for the M.A.C.O. Starfleet Silver Star, a similar accolade can be set up for EACH normal STF. Example's below.

Accolades: Infected: The Conduit
Complete (25 or 50) and must be successful in optional to get credit.
Infected: Manus
Complete (25 or 50) and must be successful in optional to get credit.


The end result would be a final accolade that could read something like??
Congratulations! You have completed the basic STF requirements and can join the Elite Difficulty teams.

Could also be a title?.

STF elite, STF graduate?..etc

This COULD also be ONLY for public queues, meaning that private queues have NO restrictions. This Would ENSURE that people that have already been playing Elite STFs (i.e. Fleets, close friends.etc) won't be subjected to the limitations and have to run the normal STF?s if they choose not to.

The Public Elite queues will benefit from this because they know going in that everyone on the team knows how to run the STF.

I do however think that a KICK vote should be applied for the remaining mischief makers that squeeze through the process.(ie..trolls, rude people, AFKers?.etc)

Any thoughts?