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04-04-2013, 01:58 PM
Hi again Brandon,

I agree with the network rename and need for reorganization in the forums to accomodate the upcoming Romulan Faction. Here are some suggestions and ideas, feel free to discuss.

1- As STO is home to multiple factions, replace the current forum header image, which currently features a Federation starbase, to one representative of all 3 factions. Perhaps a graduated blending image showing an integral aspect of all 3 factions in simple, classy fashion may work. I can design an original one if supplied with the right images, or it can be made into a forum contest to pick the best replacement.

2- Suggestions for the renaming the Federation News Network category: The Embassy, Ambassador Herald Network, or simply Herald (or Ambassador) Network.

3- Rename Dev Tracker to Dev Central or move it to a category for all dev posts and interaction.

4- Move Star Trek Online Discussion category to where the Dev Tracker is or below it and rename it The Round Table. Also, specify in the description it is for game discussion, as opposed to Community Feedback which is for feedback of all related dynamics.

5- Place The Academy above the Ten Forward category as they are for new players, one to introduce, the other to ask and learn in.

6- Seperate faction categories from Feedback and create new individual Community forum sections for putting faction specific categories in one place, whereby you can easily create new categories if you add more factions in future. Create 3 individual faction specific categories, 1) Federation Community, 2) Klingon Community, 3) Romulan Community, and combine the Fleet Administrative Station category into each one respectively.

7- Rename the General Community Feedback category to Community Feedback Lounge.

8- Remove the Character Builds and Powers category, as it should be faction specific, perhaps included 1 each in the Community faction sections.

9- Rename the Bridge Officers and BOffs category to Bridge Command.

10- Move the Support section to 2nd section position under the Information and Discussion section. This facilitates access for both staff and players.

11- Place the new Community sections where the Fleet Administrative section is now, placing the fleet category into their respective factions as detailed in #6 above.

12- Add a moderator section to the end, after the Test Servers section, where we can see members who have visited the forum, how many posts were made today, some interesting tidbits to interest viewers who visit the forums regularly like me (Optional).

Thank you,