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04-04-2013, 01:12 PM
Thanks for the advice with the console, I've not really spent any zen on this side so far and I probably will do so within a couple of weeks. Since my last post I've swapped to a 2DHC/2torp build and with some projectile doffs I'm getting some pretty decent DPS and my power levels are stopping up. I think the problem was with popping off every ability under the sun in my alpha strikes and not being able to compensate fast enough for this meaning I was constantly left with lower power levels. It might only be an extra 8 drain but swapping from running escorts to cruisers (and the lower constant weapons power without the +15) really does have more of an effect on power/DPS than one would realise!

Also, apologies for the confusion! I completely brain freezed on the Mirror Negh'Var comment, I'd just bought the Vor'cha that comes in a lockbox and had a senior moment

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