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04-04-2013, 01:24 PM
I've got to admit that the Dreadnought Carrier is a fine Vessel.

I unpacked one on my Fed Tactical Captain and I?ve been doing quite well with it.

Has its already been said the Dreadnought Carriers shields (I use the Maco) seem paper thin and you really need to use both of your science console slots to increase shield capacity and shield regeneration rate.

I'm still a bit upset about the gating of the Hanger Attack Ship but I've been doing well with the Advanced Peregrine Fighters; however they never seem to use their Quantum Torpedo?s.

The MK12 Jem'Hadar space set is a must if you use polaron weapons with the Dreadnought Carrier; it's just too bad that I do not have any Lobi on my Fed Tactical Captain.